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Office Chair Cleaning Attention Points
May 27, 2018

Office chair cleaning attention points:
First of course, it is of course to understand the material of the office chair, but the general office chair feet are mainly solid wood and iron, the bench surface is leather art or cloth, in the cleaning of different materials of the chair cleaning method is not the same.
Two: if it is a leather office chair, it is best to try it in an inconspicuous position to see if it is fading. If there is a fading condition, use water to dilute it. When it is dirty, you can use mild water to make it dry naturally.
Three: solid wood office chair feet, can be wiped directly with dry cloth, and then a number of cleaning agents, do not use too wet cloth, and then to dry, that will make the solid wood rotten faster.
Four: the general cloth art stool cleaning method is spray cleaning agent, gently wipe. Special dirty words can be cleaned with warm water combined with detergent. Don't brush with your brush. In that case, it's easy to look old.

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