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What Kind Of Material Is Good For Dining Table?
Feb 08, 2019

What kind of material is good for dining table?

1, the shape of the table: the shape of the table is related to the beauty of the table! If you like the simple, fresh feeling, then choose a square table, the structure is not complicated. If you like a stylish, creative style, then choose a variety of shapes, creative and strange dining table!
2, the color of the table: color is the first feeling for people, usually, the color of the table has a few: brown, white, yellow, purple, glass transparent. Recommend everyone to buy a brown, purple table.
3, the size of the table: the size of the table affects the decoration effect of the entire dining room. The size is proportional to the size of the dining room, and the ratio is between 1/5-2/5.

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